MEDtalks is a multidisciplinary internet TV channel for medical specialists. You have to be a registered member of MEDtalks to be able to watch it’s content. Registration is free of charge.

Register to MEDtalks

The registration of MEDtalks will take place by a process of three short steps:

Step one

While registering you will be asked to submit personal credentials, such as your name, email address, country of origin and phone number. These data is used to authenticate that you are registering for this site as a medical specialist.

Step two

In step two of the registration we ask you to submit your area of specialism and your physician code. With this information we can send the right content to you by email.

Step three

The last step of registration is perhaps the most important one. By filling in you areas of interest you will customize your account. This information is used to sort the programs by relevance, as selected by the area of interest field.


Via the menu on the right top of your screen you can select a category you want to visit. After clicking this link you will be directed to an overview page of this category.

In case you want to perform a specific search, we advise you to use the centralized search bar.


You can use this site with both your desktop- as with your mobile devices. Note: please use earplugs when watching content in public environments.